Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dear Lanta,

This post is just for you! (But if any one else want to take part that's fine.) Here are two "right side up"(:P) pictures of me so you can decide if I look older with or without glasses.


Rose said...

Older with glasses!
LOL, most people do. Strange, isn't it?

You know, we people who wear glasses are an extremely special and privileged set of folks. =) I've been meaning to do a post on that for a while... that and a rant on the rudeness that people with glasses sometimes suffer. Soooo, I think I shall do a combination post sometime when I feel like ranting.

Miss Kathleen said...

I can't really decide if you look older with or without glasses.

Claire said...

You are lovely either way! And I love your earrings in the first photo. :)

Hannah said...

I think you look older with glasses, but then again it could be the picture.

Angel_Horses said...

Aw, you're really pretty, Vicki :)

As to looking older with glasses--Hmmk. I kinda think you look better without glasses :-\ I'm a terrible judge, though, as I despise my own glasses and think I look ugly in them =P

Victoria said...

Rose: Haha! You should do a post on that.

Miss Kathleen: Me neither; that's why I asked peoples opinion. :P

Claire: Thank you!

Hannah: True, true.

Lanta: Thank you darling! Haha! Hannah (Lizzy) hates her glasses, too. That is why she wears contacts ;)