Saturday, November 22, 2008

What to do....

...I'm bored. Nobody is posting over at the forum, mom and dad are gone shopping, and there is absolutely, positively, nothing to do!!!! Of course, I could go read the Fellowship, but....I don't' feel like reading. And I could post my FBI pictures (not that I could outdo Paul),but I am embarrassed to post them. Oh well. Hey! Here are some funny LOTR pictures (and one about Jack Sparrow) I found! Hehehe!!! In case you can't read the words I'll post them underneath each photo.

"Left hand, blue!"

"I'd tried my hardest but that fire on that hill just won't blow out!"

"Did no one come to rescue me just because they missed me?"

"Row, row, row, the boat......merrily down the stream.......once the ring belongs to me, I'll only need a queen." (That one is my fav!)
I'm off to see if anyone has posted on the forum....even though that is highly unlikely....and if no one has posted, I will read the Fellowship! Ta-ta!

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Rose said...

Vicki, I nominated you for an award!